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Re: Clustering with Maria/Aria engine


Hi Joshua

On 24/08/2010, at 9:41 PM, Joshua Partogi wrote:
Does Maria/Aria engine supports clustering? Or do we still have to use NDB for this?

No, but we really need to go back a step and look at your basic requirements, before discussing technologies that might fit those requirements.

What do you need to do, in terms of overall profile: reads vs writes, their absolute and relative numbers and growth projection, dataset size and growth, schema and whether you need lots of joins, and so on. Once you have that info, you can see what technologies might be suitable for the purpose.

Just looking for something with the term "clustering" makes no sense, not least because the term is overloaded and means something else for each architecture (think oracle cluster, ndb cluster, and so on - completely different).

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