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Mac package (was Re: Contact Form - []: jeremy ellison)


Hi Jeremy, all,

On 16.08.2010, at 12:47, Bo Thorsen wrote:

> Den 14-08-2010 05:25, Contact Form skrev:
>> Looks interesting, why do you not have a mariadb package for Apple
>> Mac OS X? This is the basis for my blog, bb, and server backend. If
>> you have no Mac support it's not a drop in replacement for MYSQL.
> Hi Jeremy,
> The reason is that no one has offered to do it yet. MariaDB isn't a product sold by Monty Program, but an open source community project. Us Monty Program guys do a lot of the work, though.
> If someone will contribute the necessary work to get Mac packages, they will be included. Until then, it's source code only. Should you be interested in doing this, or know someone who will, then you should ask about the necessary work on the mailing list
> maria-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I read about your request for a MariaDB package for Mac OS X on my vacation
and did some research. Back from vacation I have an alpha version of MariaDB
package for Mac OS X for you and for our community to test.

Caution: this is the first installer I wrote on Mac, so do not use it on a
production system.

Please test the installer and provide us with feedback.

Known issues in the MariaDB installer:
* The Preferences Pane app for starting/stopping the server
instance is missing
* The installer for setting up MariaDB as a Startup Item
is missing.

Side node: while digging into the Mac installer I found two
bugs in the MySQL Mac OS X installer.

* http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=56279
Mac installer does not work as documented

* http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=56280
Mac installer's postflight script does not work all the time

You can grab the package from here:



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