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Re: Glibc 2.3 support in MariaDB builds ?


Jocelyn Fournier <joce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm trying to push my company to adopt MariaDB 5.2. Unfortunately, the
> currently available binaries (at least for the x86-64 version)
> requires a glibc 2.4, where we have only a 2.3 version (debian etch)
> installed on our server.
> MySQL 5.5 standard binaries, as well as Percona's one perfectly
> support glibc 2.3, so is there any plan to provide glibc 2.3
> compatible binaries for MariaDB ?

We used to have Debian etch binaries, however I removed them at some point
since Debian etch support ended half a year ago or so and there did not seem
much interest.

(If you want to help sponsor resurrecting binaries supporting such older
systems you could try contacting sales@xxxxxxxxxxxx.)

Alternatively, you can build the binaries yourself, it is not hard. You
basically need to run these two commands:


 - Kristian.

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