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Re: Suggested sample my.cnf for MariaDB package


I've been busy preparing for a SQL Server presentation I will do this
weekend, therefore the lack of activity.

> The Debian/Ubuntu packages already contain a "baseline config" that Open
> Query created earlier for the OurDelta packages.
> I believe all of the options suggested by you are already incorporated in
> there.
> It definitely merits some extensions and adjustments based on more recent
> information, and should remain up to date.
Thanks! I've installed OurDelta MariaDb5.1 package on a Ubuntu box,
and got the sample my.cnf out of /etc/mysql/my.cnf. I will sift
through and decide, to the best of my abilities, what to take and not
to take. Yes, it should remain up to date and subject to constant
input and suggestions.

> In addition
>  - the RPM packages should use it also, making all packages consistent
>  - the old my-*.cnf samples should disappear from the source tree as they're
> a great source of misinformation, confusion and ridicule.
Agree. I should be able to work on this in the next few days.

Haidong Ji