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Re: client library shared library version changed in 5.5.10


Hi, Vladislav!

> > The main source of the breakage is migration to CMake: making
> > libmysqlclient.so in 5.5 cmake builds don't use version script, and
> > don't use -Wl,--whole-archive.
> Yep, version script is likely a factor. Well spotted, thanks!
> > I've run the gcc -shared line manually in 5.5 with the version
> > script, whole-archive, and the version changed to 16. And mysql
> > client from 5.1 happily loaded the resulted library.
> I think you would agree that our own utilities (mysql client for
> example) were not designed with well-designed shared libraries or
> backward compatibility in mind. Except officially documented API, they
> use a whole bunch of  undocumented mysys/dbug/strings functionality.
> That stuff is not sacred, it is not found in the API header files, and
> it is subject to changes and refactoring, as you also noticed in case
> of missing my_no_flags_free(). Client utilities cannot link to shared
> client library on Windows and even on Linux they require "export
> everything"-strategy, which you fix with non-portable
> -Wl,--whole-archive.  Personally, I would not support any attempts to
> link our client utilities with the shared library.  We do not do it,
> and others should not attempt it either 

I think I'd prefer our command-line tools (excluding mysqlbinlog)
to be just "normal" client, using our client shared library.

I don't like -Wl,--whole-archive and prefer a controlled export
approach. But I think (not sure, and I hasn't tried) that the only
problem is my_getopt - which de-facto was always part of the API, but
in mysql-5.5 it's not exported. Our command-line utilites use it.
I suspect that adding my_getopt function to the CLIENT_API_FUNCTIONS
list, would've solved the issue. my_getopt has a great general
applicability, I can easily see other clients that may want to use it (I
would certainly use it if I were writing MySQL client).

And we need to restore the version script. It's still there - in
libmysql/libmysql.ver.in - but it's not used. Which made the bug#3074 to