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Re: Bundle more relevant cnf files in MariaDB package



>>>>> "Haidong" == Haidong Ji <haidong.ji@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Haidong> Hi,
Haidong> I alluded to this in IRC maybe a couple of weeks back. That is, it is
Haidong> really to have intelligent default for MariaDB servers.

Sorry, I haven't had time to come back to you about this (have been
totally swamped with BIG code reviews lately).

Haidong> In particular, the bundled sample my.cnf files, under
Haidong> /usr/local/mysql/support-files, such as my-small.cnf, my-medium.cnf,
Haidong> my-large.cnf, and my-huge.cnf, are laughable in today's world. In the
Haidong> my-huge.cnf, it talks about memory between 1G and 2G as huge. It will
Haidong> be good that MariaDB can bundle a different set, like what has been
Haidong> mentioned here:

Haidong> http://datastrangler.com/windpipe/2011/02/24/custom-mysql-config-files-to-ensure-maximum-performance/

I looked at this and most of the suggestions looks ok

What would also be important is to document which variables one should
change (and why) as things are scaled up as this is not clear now.

I will make sure that someone looks at this shortly to see what we
should add to MariaDB and to the KB as defaults.
(I tried to check the copyrights on the datastrangler page if we could
burrow some of his examples, but couldn't find it :)

Haidong, if you can create a set of files to replace the current ones,
we can quickly get them review and add this to the MariaDB distribution.


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