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Re: NHibernate and MariaDB


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> Subject: [Maria-discuss] NHibernate and MariaDB
> Hello,
> I have recently been converting 3 SQL Server Databases to MariaDB for
> a website our company is repackaging.  One of the developers is
> requesting that during our updates we implement HHibernate as an ORM
> tool for each database.
> I am not familiar with NHibernate.  I am also wondering, if anyone has
> used this technology with MariaDB or otherwise?  If so, what are the
> performance implications and/or benefits within the context of MariaDB?

Not familiar with NHibernate either. From what I read, it  uses
Connector/NET , so that  should work with MariaDB as well. if it turns out
not  to work, I can  debug this Connector -  I happen to know its codebase
pretty well - worked on it in the past.
The performance implications/benefits are not known until  benchmarked for
your specific application. MariaDB might be better than MySQL due to
enhanced optimizer, if this ORMs constructs complicated queries (many ORMs
do)  .  Alas, the main point of ORM  systems is not performance, rather
ease of use for the programmer.