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Re: FreeBSD BuildBot Slave - I can offer one


Kristian is probably the primary person to talk to about including a
buildbot but I maintain a few for the project and since no one
responded just yet I figured I'd say a few things and try to help. :-)

> I noticed that you do not have a regular build of FreeBSD for either
> common architecture (x86_64 or i386) I would be able to provide


> FreeBSD compilation in general so I can also help with any issues

OK That will probably be helpful...

> I can begin configuring this host for the service, if I could have
> some direction towards what needs to be done in order for the

The basic outline:

1) Install Python (2.4 or later)
2a) Install Twisted (twistedmatrix.com 8.0.x or later) - need Core,
Mail, Web and Words (possibly Conch too)
2b) Install ZopeInterface (http://www.zope.org/Products/ZopeInterface)
3) Install all the necessary compiler/build components.
4) Install Buildbot
5) Install Bazaar and make sure you can clone from the main project
6) Get a username/login and password from the buildmaster (Kristian)
7) Verify your buildbot can talk to the buildbot master instance and
can run builds.

> project at large to be able to make use of it. I believe I used to have
> some bookmarks of resources regarding the matter. However I don't

Hopefully the following links are helpful:

1) http://buildbot.net/buildbot/docs/latest/Installation.html#Installation

2) http://buildbot.net/buildbot/docs/latest/Installing-the-code.html#Installing-the-code

3) http://buildbot.net/buildbot/docs/latest/Creating-a-buildslave.html#Creating-a-buildslave

4) http://kb.askmonty.org/v/buildbot-setup-buildbot-setup-notes

5) http://kb.askmonty.org/v/about-buildbot

If you get stuck or have other questions please feel free to ask and
I'll try to respond as soon as possible. :-)