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Re: Frequently running Event overlapping itself


On 8/17/2011 2:25 PM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
> Hi, Brian!
> On Aug 16, Brian Evans wrote:
>> I have an issue where a fast triggering event, running every 30 seconds,
>> is occasionally running multiple times without each finishing.
>> This is causing duplicate data as things are marked done one at a time.
>> I am trying to figure a solution such that this event can only run
>> singly, but what is the best way?
>> DISABLE at start and ENABLE at end?
> That would work, I suppose.
> Alternatively you can use GET_LOCK to synchronize events.

Thank you Sergei,  I didn't notice the *_LOCK functions before.
I have implemented this.

>> Do SESSION variables work between event invocations?
> I'm not sure I understand this. You mean user variables, like @foo?
> No, every invocation is executed as in a new connection (kind of, not
> really a new connection) and user variables dissapear at disconnect.

Yes, that was what I was describing. Your explanation was expected, but
I was unsure.