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Re: failed to initialize plugins error


Hi, Patrick!

On Sep 09, Patrick Galbraith wrote:
> Hi all!
> Moin moin, Privet!
> I have the latest 5.3 compiled as well as a client's own storage
> engine. The compile, link, all went well. I do notice they only
> compile their engine statically, but see symbols for it in mysqld:
> ..
> 000000000081d4f0 T filepro_rkey
> 000000000081d9f0 T filepro_rnext
> 000000000081da80 T filepro_rprev
> 000000000081d350 T filepro_rrange
> 000000000081db20 T filepro_rrnd
> 000000000081ddc0 T filepro_scan
> 000000000081dde0 T filepro_scan_init
> 0000000000e747c8 B filepro_share_list
> 0000000000e52ea0 D filepro_storage_engine
> 000000000081de00 T filepro_update
> 000000000081e020 T filepro_write
> 0000000000e74798 b ha_filepro_exts
> ..
> So, when I start mysqld, I get the error:
> "[ERROR] Failed to initialize plugins."

What else do you have in the log?
Normally, there should be a more descriptive error message before
"Failed to initialize plugins".