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Re: [debian-mysql] MySQL's future in Debian and Ubuntu


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On 16.02.2012 08:40, Henrik Ingo wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 9:33 AM, Bjoern Boschman
> <bjoern@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 16.02.2012 00:57, Henrik Ingo wrote:
>>> Percona Server is like MariaDB in that both of them are
>>> compatible with MySQL and you could do a plug-and-play
>>> replacement. Percona Server is much closer to MySQL (which many
>>> think is great), shall I say more focused. MariaDB has more
>>> deviation in the code base and also adds more stuff like
>>> additional storage engines (which many think is great,
>>> especially when you want to play with new features).
>> The additional storage engine also applies to percona :-)
> Ok, fair point, but MariaDB really goes out of its way to have lots
> of them: PBXT, OQGraph engine, Sphinx, Aria...  You won't find
> these (unless you contract Percona to provide them for you) in
> Percona Server. These are not that commonly used but more niche.
> But they are the reason I commonly label MariaDB as "has more
> stuff".

More features even though they only apply to niche user are in general
nothing bad.
Some features like microsecond datetime is really something I'm gonna
have a look at :-)

But I don't really get the point of MariaDB grants 5 year GA support
vs. Percona grants only 2 years. I'd guess that for > 90% of all
available packages within the Debian project no assured support exists
at all?

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