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Re: MariaDB 5.5 compile error


Hi, Brian!

On Aug 03, Brian Evans wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like some assistance in figuring out a compile error in MariaDB
> 5.5 series (tested on 5.5.25).
> I'm trying to create a minimal (client only) build of 5.5.25.
> This is the cmake configure command used:
> However, if i build the full server, I get no error.
> I'm at a loss why one way works and the the other doesn't.

It fails, precisely, because you're trying to build without clients.
Even the original mariadb gentoo ebuild does not compile with USE=minimal.

Building with -DWITHOUT_SERVER=1 is broken, it doesn't work.

Depending on your needs you have different options:

* Give up, install everything :)
* Fix the build (and tell us how you did it)
* Build everything but _install_ only the client - might be easier than
  the previous option. Note that RPM builds can already do that - in
  all INSTALL_FILE/etc cmake commands are tagged with an appropriate
  category, and depending on the category different files end up in
  different RPMs. It should be pretty easy to build everything and then
  install only files from client categories.
* submit a bug report (and we will fix it eventually, but we might
  prefer to fix the installation, not compilation part - see above).


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