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Questions about GIS functionality (vs MySQL, InnoDB, PostGIS...)


Hi Holyfoot, others

I've been reading up on the state of GIS functionality. It would be
great if I can get some answers directly from the source!

1) Comparing MariaDB and what's there in MySQL 5.6.1: are these
identical but independent implementations? If there are differences,
what are they?

2) Apparently PostGIS requires to do all kinds of gymnastics both when
installing and when doing version upgrades. MySQL/MariaDB spatial
functions are just there to be used, right?

3) Speaking of PostGIS, its manual reveals that their GiST R-tree
index actually only works on the bounding rectangles of shapes. Is
this the case also for MyISAM/Aria R-tree indexes, or would MariaDB
actually filter the result set to only return shapes that are within
the search shape for real. And btw, does the search shape have to be a
box, or can it be any shape?

4) Lack of InnoDB R-tree indexes... What would it take to do that? Is
the current implementation re-usable in any way (ie just store current
R-tree indexes into InnoDB pages...) or would it have to be a separate

5) Euclidean geometrics only... PostGIS and SQLite use the separate
GEOS library (and cousins like PROJ.4). Why isn't this used in the
MySQL/MariaDB implementation? It seems to me, you could get accurate
handling of different (non-euclidean) projections by using these
libraries, "for free".


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