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Re: mDB logs off when there are several ssh under same user


Hi, Karl!

On Nov 06, klrumpf wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have  newbeeish question, I have just changed from
> MySQL to MariaDB in production.
> This gets accessed from Nodejs and from a 4GL/C
> application, both assume it is MySQL.
> When I log in with several SSH sessions at the same
> time from the 4GL/C app under the same user the DB
> suddenly hangs up, this did not happen before.
> Where would I configure this to correct?
> Debian Wheezy 3.2.0-3-amd64 MariaDB5.5
> Any other parameters I should check?
> Thanks, Karl

Sorry, I cannot think of anything specific.
There are no changes in MariaDB as compared to MySQL that might've
caused it. You can compare the config files to make sure it's not a
configuration change.

By the way - unrelated comment - you've mentioned node.js.
Do you use https://npmjs.org/package/mariasql ? If you haven't heard
about it, see the page and see the benchmarks.


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