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Re: TRUNCATE TABLE becomes hang sometimes


Hi, Haseena!

On Nov 05, Haseena L. wrote:
> Hi,
> Now Iam trying to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB. 
> Why does the TRUNCATE TABLE statement hang sometimes? What are the
> reasons for this type of issue?
> This problem doesn't happen with MySQL, only with MariaDB.
> The hanging statement is simply:
> TRUNCATE TABLE sampledb.datatable;
> What can cause this to happen, and how could I fix it?
> Another one observation is if the table have some data, may be one or
> two rows, then the truncate query works successfully. Else the table
> have a lot of data, query becomes hang.
> If the same table have more than one connetion, then the truncate table
> query hangs. How I fix it??? Now Iam blocking. Engine I selected is

What MySQL version you migrate from, and what MariaDB version you
migrate to?

What does SHOW PROCESSLIST say, what the hanged connection is doing?