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Re: Reading a field's default value from a trigger


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>For anyone encountering the "Field 'xxx' doesn't have a default value" when
running insert/update/replace statement on MariaDB, I found that this is
actually caused by the sql mode STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.  This also fixes when a
trigger updates the default value of the field.   I believe the default
options >for MariaDB windows installer cause this option to be enabled,
whereas I had previous never designed my application for the various modes

Hi Bruce,
sql_mode includes STRICT_TRANS_TABLES  is in MariaDB Windows installer,
since they are in MySQL Windows installer - in current 5.5 installer, and in
the past  ones as well.   One thing that changed in 5.5  (MySQL, and
MariaDB) as compared to earlier versions, is that default storage engine is
now transactional (Innodb/XtraDB).