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Using 10.0s multi-source replication for database consolidation


Hi all,

I want to consolidate the databases on several servers onto a single
server. And all this without or only minimal downtime. After reading an
article[1] from the Percona folks I was thinking of using the
multi-source replication feature of 10.0. But there are a few things I'm
not sure about. Maybe someone can help me out.

What MySQL/MariaDB versions are needed before and behind the MariaDB 10

My plan/idea/dream was the following:

1. Stop the server on a slave and start it with skip-slave and
skip-networking. Write down replication data.
2. Dump the databases I want to move with "mysqldump <db-name>"
3. Load the dump into MariaDB 10.0 and configure replication.

This is done for all the databases I want to put onto a single server.
The rest should be business as usual.

BTW: We use similar grants on all servers. So the MariaDB 10.0 will be
setup with the same statements and I don't have to care about the

Does this sound realistic? Or have I missed something?


Thanks a lot,


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