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Re: Problem in replication with NOW('2012-03-07 17:32:03')


Hi Jan,

On 2/12/2013 3:46 AM, Jan Kirchhoff wrote:
I can't switch to statement based replication that easy.

Even only for the connection(s) that produce the bad statements, if they can be easily isolated and modified?
(to row-based replication; statement is what you have now).

Actually, I
hope that all that is obsolete if galera works out for me.
I thought this NOW(timestamp) syntax was a modification coming from the
binlog somehow to keep the timestamps in sync when using replication,
but I remember there were some environment variables for that...
I'll try to figure out where that weird syntax comes from... I am pretty
sure it is an old phpmyadmin running somewhere...
Is there an option in 5.2 I could set so the old server refuses that
syntax at the very beginning?

I'm afraid not... The argument was ignored without as much as a warning, so there is no hope for a strict mode or something. At least I can't think of any, I hope if anybody has suggestions, they'll jump in.

There is of course slave-skip-errors option which could allow your slave to proceed when it hits the error, but it's a potentially dangerous configuration, i would only use it as the last resort and only if those updates are really unimportant and don't affect further data transformation.



Hi Jan,

The function NOW() was never supposed to take a timestamp as an
argument, neither in MySQL nor in MariaDB. In earlier versions any
argument was ignored. Starting from MariaDB 5.3 (and MySQL 5.6), when
microseconds support was implemented, it takes an optional integer
argument, which indicates a microsecond precision, so a value which
cannot be interpreted as such causes a parsing error.

I'd say that the application that produces these statements should be
fixed -- depending on where it takes the argument from, best case
scenario is that it just does something meaningless, but it's also
quite possible that it does not work as expected.

If you cannot change the behavior of the application, you might want
to consider switching to row-based replication, this way you won't
have a problem with the statement on newer servers.


On 2/12/2013 1:56 AM, Jan Kirchhoff wrote:

I set up 2 hosts as a galera cluster, one of them is a slave of my main

The galera hosts are 5.5.28a-MariaDB-a1~precise-log, all other databases

The 5.5 slave stops with 1064 errors. I figured this is because of
updates using NOW() on timestamp columns, I think they come from a
phpmyadmin frontend.
In the error log the queries look like this:

UPDATE ..., some_timestamp_field = NOW('2012-03-07 17:32:03') WHERE
...primary keys...

when I manually execute the query and just remove the NOW so it is a
simple update some_timestamp_field = '2012-03-07 17:32:03' and then
execute  set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1;slave start; everything is
fine again.

All 5.2 hosts replicate just fine.

is this a bug in 5.5?


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