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Re: Using 10.0s multi-source replication for database consolidation


Hi, Markus!

On Feb 08, Markus "Shorty" Uckelmann wrote:
> Am 08.02.2013 13:08, schrieb Sergei Golubchik:
> > Beware that replication from MariaDB 10.0 to earlier versions doesn't
> > work at the moment :(
> Meaning everything below 10.0? Hmm, that's bitter for us ;)
> But how did the Percona folks make it work?

Percona Server doesn't have this problem.

Replication has the code where a slave looks at the very first digit of the
master's version and chooses the proper binlog format depending on
whether it's "3", "4", or "5". It doesn't like the version that starts
with "1", this looks ancient :)

> > It's a bug that we will fix.
> Any time estimates?

We'll have a workaround in 10.0.2.
See https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-4088
and http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=68187


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