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Re: Spider 3.0 is merged against MariaDB 10.0



>>>>> "kentoku" == kentoku  <kentokushiba@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

kentoku> Hi!
kentoku> Could you please bundle Spider into MariaDB?

Sergei Golubchik or Sergei Petrunia, could either of you do a quick
review of this?

>> > ./mysql-test-run.pl --mysqld=--innodb --suite=spider/bg
>> Spider's background/parallel search feature works allocate and free
kentoku> result-set from data node on different thread, but MariaDB 10.0's "per
kentoku> thread memory usage" feature can't understand it.

kentoku> Could you please change sql-common/client.c for choosing
kentoku> "MY_THREAD_SPECIFIC" (or not) by caller? This memory allocation is not
kentoku> always thread specific.

I will fix that during this week.
It's hard to do in the caller, as there is no parameter that can be
used for this.

I can fix this by adding a new 'mysql_options()' where one says that
the all memory in this connection will be thread specific and use this
in the replication threads and in the federated engine (where this is

Would this solve your problem?


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