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Re: New server, switch to MariaDB, different versions


Am 27.04.2013 20:54, schrieb Tanstaafl:
> I am setting up a shiny new virtualized (ESXi host) server, that now has MariaDB 5.5.30 on it...
> My question is, can I do a dump from my old server running mysql 5.1.62, then restore that dump to my new server
> running MariaDB 5.5.30, run mysql_upgrade, and have any kind of reasonable expectation of it working?

why are you bothering with dumps?
this is not postgresql!

* stop mysqld on both machines
* rsync --force --delete-after --devices --specials -tPrlHpogEAX root@oldserver:/mdatadir/ /datadir/
* start mariadb on the new server
* mysql_upgrade
* done

and to save time use the rsync twice
a hot one while the old server is running and after stop the
old one a seond time to get the diffs quickly

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