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New server, switch to MariaDB, different versions



My current (8 yr old bare metal) server is currently running mysql 5.1.62, with just a couple of very small databases:


I am setting up a shiny new virtualized (ESXi host) server, that now has MariaDB 5.5.30 on it...

My question is, can I do a dump from my old server running mysql 5.1.62, then restore that dump to my new server running MariaDB 5.5.30, run mysql_upgrade, and have any kind of reasonable expectation of it working?

I'd rather not update the current (production) server to MariaDB (I'm gunshy when it comes to major changes on a production system).

If not, then my other option would be to downgrade MariaDB on the new server to 5.1.66... but again, I'd rather not do that if it isn't necessary.

Thanks - I'm really looking forward to saying goodbye to mysql (for political reasons, the software itself has served me well these 8 years, it's just too bad that they got bought by Oracle)...


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