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Re: [Maria-developers] [All] MariaDB's best (download) month ever


hi guys, more one opnion

2013/9/26 Jean Weisbuch <jean@xxxxxxxxxx>

> (this thread was originaly from maria-developpers)
> The mariadb.com/.org distinction is not really clear as both have a
> similar layout, designs and duplicate contents, plus distincting both sites
> from the sole TLD is not the most visible one ; i must admit that the first
> time i ended up on mariadb.com i thought at first that it was just the
> mariadb.org website that had a design update.

i had the same perception, a new design to mariadb.org instead of a new

> Plus, there is a link to "mariadb.org" on the top menu of mariadb.com, a
> link to "Community" or "MariaDB Foundation" or a clear title would be
> better.

maybe mariadb foundation is ok in my opnion, the problem is the ".com"
what we should have is a clear division about mariadb.com => skysql, and
mariadb.org => mariadb
the main problem is the opensource community confusion, maybe someone blog
will have the post of a mariadb enterprise edition (a download link at
mariadb.com for example) and the mariadb edition (a download link at
mariadb.org), like i told in some other mail
I think that's not good for an opensource project
Maybe add a logo of skysql at top of mariadb.com could solve this problem?!

bye =)

Roberto Spadim

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