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The MariaDB Foundation and MariaDB trademark?


While poking around on the various sites (discussed at length in previous
threads) I was left wondering about the MariaDB trademark. I was under the
impression this was going to be owned by and managed by the MariaDB
Foundation. It seems like it was registered by Monty Program Ab though, and
never transferred to or owned by MariaDB Foundation. So, after the
acquisition it is now owned by SkySQL.

The SkySQL site's "Trademarks"
confirms this with the text «The "MariaDB" trademark is wholly
owned by SkySQL Corporation Ab and is a registered trademark in ...».

So, I am left wondering what happened? Was my original understanding
incorrect, or was this never properly followed through? While I would hope
SkySQL is a good community member and would not do anything bad with the
trademark, this does defeat a lot of the original idea with the foundation,
by my understanding, and leaves a single commercial entity in more or less
full control of MariaDB's future.

Can anyone provide some insight?



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