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DELETE Operations in MariaDB 5.5.30 do not reduce size of table files


To anyone who knows how the MyISAM engine works (or maybe this is independent of the DB engine), here’s my scenario:
	* I have a table with 180,000 rows

	* I delete 170,000 rows with a DELETE and subsequent COMMIT statement

	* The MYI table file is still the same size it was before the 170k rows were deleted

I saw there’s an administrative PURGE command, but it looks like that is just for purging data from binary logs, if you’ve even turned on the option for keeping binary logs.
In MariaDB 5.5.30 or later, how do I run a purge operation to compress the deleted rows of data out of my physical table files and cause the reindexing to happen for the data that is still in my tables?

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