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MariaDB Developer meetings still public?


In the past, MariaDB Developer meetings have been open invitation and
pre-announced, e.g.:

   - https://mariadb.org/en/developer-meetings/
   - http://planet.mysql.com/entry/?id=30418

And this was even included in Monty's presentation as recently as a couple
weeks ago:


>From Slide 47: "Open source development: Anyone can be part of the
development at all stages. Developer meetings are public!"

Yet, I've heard from a casual mention on IRC that there is such a meeting
next week in Barcelona, and I haven't seen any mention of it on this list
or elsewhere:

<montywi> prohaska7: we will have a mariadb developers meeting in Barcelona
next week

Are the meetings still public/open? If so, what happened here? Is this a
policy change? (I've also seen no private invitation, in case that were in



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