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Connect engine assistance needed with nested first node in XML



I'm trying to parse GPX files, which are XML with the connect engine.
They look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="runtastic - makes sports funtastic,
        <trkpt lon="-0.7057708501815800" lat="51.4470825195312003">
        <trkpt lon="-0.7059442996978760" lat="51.4470443725586009">
        <trkpt lon="-0.7059520483016970" lat="51.4470558166503977">

Once I have the Connect -engine enabled I do the following:

create table GPXSource (
   lat char(20) field_format='@',
   lon char(20) field_format='@')
   engine=CONNECT table_type=XML

It doesn't work, I cannot figure out how to tell the Connect engine
that the data I'm interested is beneath the gpx/trk/trkseg -node
(tabname). If I remove the trk and trkseg -nodes from the data and
just have the gpx -node left and all trkpt -nodes inside it everything
works perfectly. Any help is appriciated.



Rasmus Johansson, VP Engineering
MariaDB | t: +358 50 499 9589 | Skype: ratzpo

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