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Re: PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA to be disabled in 10.0 (10.0.12)


I personally never had time to give much looks to P_S, i gave it some looks but never seriously dug onto and really had to keep it enabled on a production server, its a nice feature but i think that if someone knows it and needs it, they will be able to enable it but most of the "common" users wont use it so it feels better to me not to enable it be defaut, as its easy to disable.

On 03/06/2014 10:20, Colin Charles wrote:
Hi all,

Recently there was chat about how PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA was enabled by mistake and it should be disabled in the 10.0 series. I'm curious - how many of you are using PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA? Is it a problem to turn it on, if you use it?

I'm referring to:

Looking from the webscalesql list, there are examples of performance degradation:

quote: "Our perf testing agrees with your assessment (we see about a 5%-6% perf hit when it's included and on, and a 2%-3% hit when it's included but off)"

Please discuss this, either here or on MDEV-6249



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