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Re: Answer: Building MariaDB audit plugin for Percona 5.5.37-rel35


Dear Folks,

On 09/07/14 16:42 +1000, Nick Urbanik wrote:
On 16/06/14 09:50 +0200, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
3. Does build/installation work in the same way as for MariaDB?


Almost (INSTALL SONAME is not in Percona Server, iirc, and you cannot
omit the file extension from the soname).

Okay, so do I need the sourcecode of just server_audit.c, of all of
mariadb, and how do you build the library?  Do I need to build against
the Percona source code?

The answer (from experimentation) is that you need the source for all
of mariadb, and then do the following:
1. Do this in the top level directory of mariadb source code:
  cmake .
2. Change to the directory containing server_audit:
3. Type:

Then install the resulting server_audit.so into
/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin on the Percona server, load it and use it
according to the mariadb documentation:
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