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Re: Galera Cluster: Do we need binlogs? How to limit the space used by binlogs?


Hello Benoit,

On 07 Aug 2014, at 10:50, Benoit Panizzon <benoit.panizzon@xxxxxx> wrote:

> We have quite a busy MariaDB operating in a Galera cluster.
> The Size of the database is not that large, about 2GB.
> We get several GB of Binlogs per day as we get a lot of transactions (busy 
> mailserver with Bayes DB and a lot of timestamps being updated)
> I have set:
> expire_logs_days        = 1
> But still those binlogs 'waste' several dozends of GB on each node.
> Does Galera need those logs for syncing?
> Are there other ways to limit the size used by the binlogs?

MariaDB Galera Cluster does not use binary logs at all for replication! You can disable binary logs if you have no need for it.

Binary logs on one or more masters are sometimes enabled for additional master/slave replication and/or backup strategies. 

- Pim