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Re: Spider and query cache



On 21.09.14 05:06, Roberto Spadim wrote:

sounds crazy? :)
ok i know that query cache have some problems with mutex, but it's another history we could have a better hit rate with this feature (at least when correctly used) check that query cache become inconsistent if we change data1 or data2 outside vp table

It is doable if put a lot of hooks of asking engine about tables.

There is already hooks now used in table invalidation. But it works slowly (relatively) because having no open table difficult to give engine full information and so each such hook will cause semi-open process and so if we have miss it looks like double opening overhead.

So, in price of total overhead we can make it, the question is if it help so much that gain will be more then overhead in average... As usual I have doubts about it (need a proof).


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