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Re: Spider and query cache


Hi! Well i'm checking vp isn't part of mariadb today :/ maybe we should
port it first and after jmplement new features, right?

Em domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014, Oleksandr Byelkin <
sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escreveu:

> Hi!
> On 21.09.14 05:06, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> [skip]
>> sounds crazy? :)
>> ok i know that query cache have some problems with mutex, but it's
>> another history we could have a better hit rate with this feature (at least
>> when correctly used)
>> check that query cache become inconsistent if we change data1 or data2
>> outside vp table
> It is doable if put a lot of hooks of asking engine about tables.
> There is already hooks now used in table invalidation. But it works slowly
> (relatively) because having no open table difficult to give engine full
> information and so each such hook will cause semi-open process and so if we
> have miss it looks like double opening overhead.
> So, in price of total overhead we can make it, the question is if it help
> so much that gain will be more then overhead in average... As usual I have
> doubts about it (need a proof).
> [skip]

Roberto Spadim
Eng. Automação e Controle

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