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Dots in filenames of configuration files - !includedir weirdness


I've noticed some strange behavior that might be a bug in the current
implementation of the !includedir directive for my.cnf files. I wanted to
get the opinion of the MariaDB community on whether this is working as
intended before reporting it.

Let's say I have a line like the following in /etc/my.cnf:

!includedir /home/mysql/conf

MariaDB should load any configuration variables from files with the
extension ".cnf" in that directory. The problem I ran into is that MariaDB
appears to determine the extension based on the first dot ('.') in the
filename. If I have a file with a full path like this:


MariaDB appears to think that the extension of the file is 0-galera.cnf, so
it won't load it.

If the file is renamed to something like this (with no extra dots):


MariaDB properly loads the configuration file.

Is this a bug that should be reported?

System info:
Arch: x86_64
MariaDB build: MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.14, built from source

Slightly related note: I don't see any documentation on the !includedir
directive in the MariaDB knowledgebase. I would expect to see some mention
of it here:



Geoff Montee

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