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Re: MariaDB 10.1 uses huge amount of memory onWndows


Am 22.11.2014 um 11:08 schrieb Peter Laursen:
On a side-remark (if someone is interested) the numbers displayed in
Task Manager for the VM running SuSE with MariaDB 10.0.9 must be
incorrect (ther is a full OS runnnig and with a lot of server programs -
LDAP, Apache etc. etc.).  It seems that Windows does not get true
information  from the VM process. Also when task manager displays 19-20
GB of memory use in total, Windows will start complaining that it is
about to run of of memory and programs should be closed  So it seems
that around 10 GB memory used by VMs are unaccounted for when it happens.

windows has alsao the concept of virtual, shared and real memory and thes same problem as unix telling how how much an application is using because that mix

the real problem of that thtead is that you *must not* compare two mysql/mariadb installations until you made 100% sure they are using the same buffer and cache configuration and have the same dataaset and uptime

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