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MariaDB for OpenSuSE 12.3


I have OpenSuSE 12.3.  It ships with MariaDB 1.0.13 - and with no TokuDB
and no Galera options. I would like to upgrade to 10.0.14 and also enable
TokuDB. And it does not seem that an upgrade will be available from SuSE
software repositories.

There are a lot of RPMs in the yum repository
http://mirror.23media.de/mariadb/mariadb-10.0.14/yum/. But does anyone know
if they will work with SuSE 12.3? Runtime environment (kernel, glibc etc.)
should be compatible of course, and also  RPMs for Redhat/Fedora/CentOS
systems will not alwyas work on SuSE, as SuSE has some specific
requirements for the SPECS.

When I used SuSE 10.x many years ago, the generic "glibc23" RPMs available
worked perfectly.

Note: I *only* want to install a server that can be handled by SuSE's YaST
package manager! So suggestons for any other solution (such as using the
tarball) is not an option. Or it would be last resort.

I would not mind give it a try if someone can advise what I should try. I
have SuSE running in a VM and I will be able to return to a snapshot of the
system easily if something goes wrong.

-- Peter

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