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Re: 5.5.x vs 10.x


Hi, Tanstaafl!

On Dec 28, Tanstaafl wrote:
> So, thinking of building a totally new server from scratch on a new
> vmWare host for playing around, and was curious of the differences.
> Is 5.5 still being maintained just because it is the last major stable
> version before 10.x? But then isn't 10.x the way forward?

Yes. And yes.

You'd be surprised to know how many people still use 5.5.
Heck, some are still using MySQL-5.0 and MySQL-4.x.

But 10.0 is, certainly, the preferred and recommended version to use in

> Is 10.x still considered a drop-in replacement for MySQL?

Depends on what MySQL version you're thinking about.

It is a superset of MySQL 5.5, but not a superset of MySQL 5.6. MariaDB
10.0 has some of the MySQL 5.6 features, but not all of them. And, of
course, it has features that MySQL 5.6 doesn't. So whether it's a
superset of MySQL 5.6 or not for you depends on what features you plan
to use.


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