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Re: 5.5.x vs 10.x


Am 28.12.2014 um 18:17 schrieb Sergei Golubchik:
Is 10.x still considered a drop-in replacement for MySQL?

Depends on what MySQL version you're thinking about.

It is a superset of MySQL 5.5, but not a superset of MySQL 5.6. MariaDB
10.0 has some of the MySQL 5.6 features, but not all of them. And, of
course, it has features that MySQL 5.6 doesn't. So whether it's a
superset of MySQL 5.6 or not for you depends on what features you plan
to use.

i think the question goes more into the direction "is any application written for MySQl 5.0/5.5 expected to work with MariaDB 10.x until now without changes and known regressions"

well, since i am running Fedora on server infrastructures and Fedora 21 brings MariaDB 10.x that's also a relevant question for me - i could for sure build packages to ship a MariaDB 5.5 server and have 10.x client libraries for dependencies, well, i would like to avoid that burden :-)

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