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Re: Row size too large


Am 20.01.2015 um 21:17 schrieb Jeremy Cole:
If you don't care about recoverability (which is kind of what you're
saying here), you could always use MyISAM...

no you can't use MyISAM for DBMail

but the point is that the affected table itself has 90 MB, the log file size is 128 MB, the largest message is below 10 MB and so there is no valif reason at all to need more than 128 MB log file size

with 256 MB it works, fine given that there are 2 innodb logs that means for one of many tiny VM's 256 MB overhead at a way smaller dataset

in other words: given the numbers above 128 MB is for sure enough, the largest message is 8 MB x 10 = 80 MB - so why would the logfiles need to be 256 MB large?

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 12:05 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:

    Am 20.01.2015 um 20:53 schrieb Jeremy Cole:

        Since I was the author of the bug this addressed, MySQL Bug 69477
        <http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=69477>> I could comment here.

        The InnoDB redo log (innodb_log_file_size) needs to be at least 10x
        larger than the largest single BLOB value you intend to store, not
        larger than the sum of BLOB data. If you are seeing this error
        with a
        log file size of 128 MB, that implies that you have some BLOB column
        containing at least 12.8 MB. Is that the case? Your use is probably
        quite strange if your total data size is only 129 MB and you
        have BLOBs
        of that size, but be aware: this bug fix was for a very serious bug.
        With the previous behavior usage of such large BLOBs could result in
        silent and unrecoverable data loss after a crash due to
        overwriting the
        most recent checkpoint with oversized BLOB data.

    this is a tiny dbmail-testserver

    there are a few testmessages, the largest one is 8.0 MB
    on the other hand we support up to 35 MB mail size

    the whole "dbmail_mimeparts" is around 90 MB

    so *no*, i don't get any reason why i need > 128 MB
    "innodb_log_file_size" for a "optimize table" AKA re-create

    no idea what that possibly implies on a server storing larger files
    for attachments in a web-app to "passthru" them with a PHP
    application because the current error leads to make
    "innodb_log_file_size" very large and clearly waste storage on a
    virtualized environment ending innodb logs larger then the whole dataset

    what i *really* hate in that behavior change is that you can't
    happily change that config var at all on a production server and the
    idea to increase it for safety to huge values larger then the data

        My understanding is that the bug was addressed in 5.7 without
        introducing a limitation.

        On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 1:22 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:

             WTF: "the innodb_log_file_size setting should be 10 times
             than the largest BLOB data size found in the rows of your
        tables" -
             how is that maintainable for a sysadmin?

             the whole (file_per_table) database folder is 129 MB,
             innodb_log_file_size is 128 MB and nobody can seriously
        explain me
             that i need a innodb_log_file_size with magnitudes of the
        whole datasize

             Am 20.01.2015 um 03:04 schrieb Jean Weisbuch:

                 It seems that the limitation has been introduced on
        MySQL 5.6.20 :


                 Le 20/01/2015 01:03, Reindl Harald a écrit :

                     InnoDB: The total blob data length (13476124) is
                     than 10% of
                     the redo log file size (5120). Please increase

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