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Re: Can't create account on MariaDB bugtracker


On Mon, 26 Jan 2015 03:47:29 +0800
Colin Charles <colin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi!
> On 23 Jan 2015, at 06:06, Brian Sammon <mariadb-l
> aunchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I'm having trouble creating an account on the bugtracker.
> > 
> > I can get it to send me the email-address-verification email, but when
> > I use the link from the email to create my account I get a "unexpected
> > error has occurred" message.
> > 
> > P.S.  I use atlassian-contact@ as my email address for the bugtracker.
> > 
> Is this still a problem? We run a hosted Jira, so we don't actually run > it. Can you try something besides atlassian-contact maybe, like 
> mariabugs-contact@ ?

I'm still having some trouble.  I managed to create an account with another email address, hoping to change the email to atlassian-contact@ later.  I got the bugtracker account created, but now I can't figure out how to change the email address.

Is there a better support channel than this email list?
I tried to contact Atlassian on thursday, when I was making my first round of attempts, and I haven't gotten a response.  Maybe the webpage I used sent my request to the Atlassian sales department or something, or maybe the problem is that I'm not a "customer" of Atlassian.