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Re: The future of Dynamic Columns


some points

2015-01-28 14:06 GMT-02:00 Peter Laursen <peter_laursen@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> This discussion reminds me of 6-8 years back when XML was introduced in
> MySQL ("LOAD DATA XML, "mysqldump --xml", XML functions (ExtractValue
> etc.).  It was a *big hype* at the time it was introduced. Now it seems to
> be an almost forgotten feature used by close_to_nobody.
yeap i remember this, but this is now past... we have CONNECT storage
engine =) working with xml and json =)

> What should a JSON option be used for?
i think it's a nice human readable format for arrays/objects, nothing less
nothing more, instead of ARRAY('blablabl') OBJECT('blablalba'), a easier to
interpret language is ['blablabla'] {'blablabla'}, internally i don't know
if this will include a very very big work at parser

Passing data series to javascript/HTML5 would be relevant (?).

i think not..., i use dyanmic columns with historic data log, example:
create table history(data_time datetime not null, values blob, primary key

at values i insert data with dynamic columns, instead of create something
create table history(data_time datetime not null, key varchar(255) not
null, value blob, primary key (date_time,key));

i don't use dynamic columns to document search, cause we don't have index,
when i need it at log, i create a specific table, or specific column

create table history(data_time datetime not null, key_1 varchar(255) not
null, key_2 varchar(255), primary key (date_time), index(key_1,date_time));

But there are probably many more use cases - including sharing data with
> NoSQL systems (MongoDB etc.).
yeap, but i think it's more related to storage engines... maybe just the
array/object syntax could be nice to support at SQL language

> And each use case may have its own requirements. I think the first thing
> to define is the*audience* and *target*/*purpose* for such feature and
> discuss external interfaces rather than internals at this point.

> -- Peter

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