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New Question: Migrating MySQL 5.5 Windows to MariaDB 10.x on new Windows server



A new question has been asked in "Moving to MariaDB" by davidgonsalves. Please answer it at http://mariadb.com/kb/en/migrating-mysql-55-windows-to-mariadb-10x-on-new-windows-server/ as the person asking the question may not be subscribed to the mailing list.

My company is contemplating moving from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.x.  We don't want to do an in place upgrade because the existing server is an older machine running Win 2003 x64.  We have a new server that we're going to build out (don't know complete specs yet), and would like to know how we can best migrate the existing MySQL instance to a new instance of MariaDB on the new server.

Is it as simple as doing a mysqldump from the existing server and piping it into the new?  I've read how to do it here:  http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/174/how-can-i-move-a-database-from-one-server-to-another are these answers adequate?

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