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Idea of monitoring tool of Mariadb



i think about monitoring gui tool ( sure, monyog Nagius support mariadb)
Mysql Enterprise Monitor is cool, but commercial ver and that is oracle haha

Anyway my idea first Performance schema info,
that is store info in memory structure in source,
so if  during every 1 sec memcopy from performance schema to user-define
and that information transfer out of mariadb by udp port etc..

So, until world in mysql / maria, their tool using proxy method or sql
thas will be some performance issue happen.

so Direct Mariadb memory Access Method is useful..

So.. mariadb.com has any plan GUI Monitoring tool?
and how about my idea about gathering performance schema ( +
information_schema etc)
info in mysqld thread info( memory structure) ??

Thanks for reading!

p.s i am not used to english. ;)

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