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MaxScale Multiple Masters



I have a very basic scenario, we have one database which is running out of

database have some tables with incremental primary key ids.

1- for new ids , we want to send read/write to new server and preferably ,
do id based statement  routing i.e. if id%2=0 push to new-server1 , else
read/write to new-server2.

2- some tables are created dynamically i.e. dynamic_table_123. we want to
send 123%2=0 to new-server1 else read/write to new-server2.

3- all statements in above #1, #2 should go to same MaxScale abstraction
i.e. application should not have logic for routing.

Can we do this with MaxsScale? what are the configuraion readwriterouter or
the cluster?

Thanks for your insight and recommendations.