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Re: Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4


As long as its limited to beta and alpha releases i dont think its that bad to enable it by default as users using these versions should already be aware of their not production-ready state. As it seems to be simple to enable/disable the plugin with the "feedback" variable, it shouldnt be a problem to deactivate it if the server is upgraded to a GA release.

I cant say about the real interest of the harvested informations but it could be of interest to see if a significant number of users are trying to install these versions on exotic architectures/OSes or with a very high cpu count for example. Collecting the libc version (when applicable) could also be interresting i think.

Le 09/03/2015 21:47, Adam Scott a écrit :
Maybe make it an option when installing?

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Justin Swanhart <greenlion@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:greenlion@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I agree with Kristian.  Given the way it works, the statistics are
    really meaningless and I feel you shouldn't drive important
    choices based on bad statistics.  I personally would suggest
    displaying a link to a feedback/survey form with web downloads and
    display a message after rpm/deb installation that says something
    like "please visit http://blah/blah/blah/survey to tell us more
    about the features you use and help direct the future development
    of MariaDB".  This has an added bonus: not all users know about
    all features, and a list/survey of the important and interesting
    ones could get more users to use them.

    Just my $.02


    On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 1:19 AM, Kristian Nielsen
    <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Michael Widenius <monty@xxxxxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:monty@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> writes:

        > for the alpha so I suggested Sergei today that we should
        enable it for
        > the beta period of MariaDB 10.0

        (10.*1* beta, I guess?)

        > As most MariaDB users should know, the feedback is totally
        > and no private or sensitive information is being sent.
        > Any comments, suggestions or recommendations?

        I think it is a bad idea. Please do not do it.

        "Phone-home" is a misfeature in any product, and even more so
        in system
        software like a database.

        And besides, the information is much less useful than you
        think, because of
        unknown, but probably extreme, data skew. In fact, it will
        probably be more
        harmful than useful because people will use bad data to
        justify bad

        Experience supports this point of view with our download
        numbers. They do not
        include apt-get / yum / etc. installations, which judging from IRC
        conversations are the majority. Yet people continuely refer to
        them as though
        they mean anything, just because they are there.

         - Kristian.

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