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Re: Upgrading mariadb-galera-server


Hi Tom,

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 9:55 AM, Tom Worster <fsb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can I upgrade a production cluster from 10.0.15 to 10.0.19 while the cluster
> remains in service, upgrading one node at a time?

Yes, you can do this. If you plan to run mysql_upgrade on each node
after upgrading, you may want to set wsrep_OSU_method to RSU before
doing so. I think this is especially important for this upgrade, since
mysql_upgrade in 10.0.19 calls REPAIR VIEW. That statement doesn't
exist in 10.0.15.




service mysql stop
yum update MariaDB-Galera-server MariaDB-client MariaDB-devel
MariaDB-shared galera-3
service mysql start
mysql --execute="SET GLOBAL wsrep_OSU_method=RSU;"
mysql --execute="SET GLOBAL wsrep_OSU_method=TOI;"


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