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Re: will maria db overcome mysqls feature limitations? (foreign keys+triggers, recursive triggers)


Engine-independent foreign keys would be really useful. MariaDB has a lot of nice storage engines, and improving the interaction between them is simply great.
I am currently work on a project where it is necessary to enforce consistency between Maria and SQL Server in every point in time. If we had the ability to build a FK from InnoDB to CONNECT, I would have an easy solution for this problem.


Dom 19/7/15, Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

 Oggetto: Re: [Maria-discuss] will maria db overcome mysqls feature limitations? (foreign keys+triggers, recursive triggers)
 A: "Justin Swanhart" <greenlion@xxxxxxxxx>
 Cc: "Maria Discuss" <maria-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Ludwig Gramberg" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Data: Domenica 19 luglio 2015, 19:51
 Hi, Justin!
 On Jul 19, Justin Swanhart
 > Hi,
 > Foreign keys need support in SE to fix the
 first item.  Cascading
 > operations
 don't work for triggers, but even worse, they don't
 > for RBR replication if a) storage
 engines differ on master and slave
 > or
 b) the slave lacks the constraints.  This is because InnoDB
 > cascade operations internally,
 because the SE interface doesn't
 support foreign keys, thus the cascade operations only work
 on the
 > slave if the SE matches and the
 constraints match.  This basically is
 a RBR/pseudo-SBR mix that simply doesn't work.
 Right. My first idea was to
 add some kind of a callback for a storage
 engine to inform the server about cascading
 operation. Then it could
 fire a trigger.
 We already can fire triggers
 for low-level row operations, this is used
 in our "RBR triggers" feature:
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