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Creating MySQL .MYD, .MYI and .frm tables in Maria


This is the final stage from my thread regarding a botched F22->23 upgrade
which hosed bacula.
I have been on to bacula support and they claim not to support Maria. Well,
"not support" isn't right, just "not explicitly tested" - I know everything
was ok under F22/Maria as I have another server to upgrade which runs fine
now with this setup.

It seems the MySQL tables were created when bacula was installed several
iterations of Fedora ago, and at that time they were of the .MYD, .MYI
style. Each time fedora was updated, these were carried forwards - possibly
through the swap from when MySQL was native to it becoming Maria, as we see
now. That's why all the existing ones are in the form with the extensions I

So, I'm now in a situation where it seems I have to create one last table
("Snapshot") and am having trouble because it somehow has been created but
not in the .MYD, MYI style. The create table command is supplied already
for me to enter - how can I remove the phantom one and create it again in
the format the rest of the tables are in please?

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