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Replication variables in my.cnf seem ignored if master connection does not exist


MariaDB 10.0.22

I saw weird things a couple of times:

I start clean MariaDB with theses options in the configuration file:
foo.replicate_wild_do_table = foo_live.%
foo.replicate_ignore_table = foo_live.schema_updates

Then I execute RESET SLAVE "foo" ALL just to be sure there is no such
Then I import the dump of master, and set master options like host,
user, password, etc.
Then I execute START SLAVE "foo"

Then SHOW SLAVE "foo" reveals empty 'Replicate_Wild_Do_Table' and
(And replication shortly breaks, because foo_live.schema_updates
wasn't imported).

I can fix this by restarting MariaDB.

I'd expect the foo.replicate_* options are taking effect anytime.
As a work-around I'd set those options dynamically after dump is imported.

(I will fill MDEV in case it is confirmed as a bug)

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