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Re: Performace issue with insert


Am 27.01.2016 um 20:08 schrieb Roberto Spadim:
what mariadb and mysql version?

he already answered that

the mariadb version we tried were 5.1.62 and 10.1.10 compared with mysql 5.1.53

2016-01-27 17:05 GMT-02:00 Tom Worster <fsb@xxxxxxxxxx

    Hi wh,

    If a table has any indexes then inset time increases with the number of
    records in the table. Even with only one index, the difference between
    inserting when the table is nearly empty and when it has many
    millions of
    records can be dramatic.

    If you have some understanding of how conventional indexes work then
    effect can become fairly easy to imagine.


    On 1/27/16, 5:27 AM, "Maria-discuss on behalf of walter harms"
    <mailto:thefsb.org@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on behalf of
    wharms@xxxxxx <mailto:wharms@xxxxxx>> wrote:

     >Hello list,
     >i have a strange problem with inserts.
     >The tables is large (time series data) and has a
     >lot of partitions, engine is IMMODB.
     >We have notice that the write performance decreases with
     >time, start of the month good, end of the month bad.
     >The same behavier is the lasted version of mariadb.
     >But when i replace mariadb with mysql the problems vanishes
     >(so its not a hardware issue). I suspect that it is a caching
     >problem but a comparison of the configs did not give a hint.
     >Anyone an idea what may cause the effect ?

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