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Re: Dynamically rewrite query


You can use MaxScale :

2016-04-20 16:09 GMT+02:00 Erik Cederstrand <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello list,
> I'm administering a MariaDB (10.0.23) backend used by some proprietary
> software. I'm having trouble with one specific slow query. The tables look
> like this (simplified for clarity):
>   `i` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `j` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `l` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `m` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
>   PRIMARY KEY (`i`,`j`,`l`)
> );
>   `i` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `k` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
>   PRIMARY KEY (`i`)
> The problematic query is this:
>    SELECT DISTINCT t2.i, t2.k, t1.j, t1.l, t1.m FROM t2 LEFT JOIN t1 ON
> t2.i=t1.i WHERE t2.k < 123;
> The query is slow because the DISTINCT clause forces the query to use a
> temporary table. Removing DISTINCT makes the query 100x faster.
> Now, since (t1.i, t1.j, t1.l, t1.m) are guaranteed to be unique (and also
> (t2.i, t2.k) on their own, if the left join doesn't match), I cannot see
> how "SELECT ..." and "SELECT DISTINCT ..." can possibly produce different
> output. So I mention that to the developers of said software, and they
> reply that they forgot why they added the DISTINCT but that they decided
> it's too risky to remove it (thereby admitting that they don't comment
> their code, and don't write unit tests for bugs they find, but I knew that
> already).
> I'm aware of "Garbage in, garbage out", but it could also be argued that
> MariaDB should be smart enough to detect that the DISTINCT is unnecessary
> and ignore it (should I create a bug report for that?).
> In the meantime, is there any way I can rewrite queries like this
> dynamically to remove the DISTINCT clause? MySQL 5.7 documentation mentions
> query rewrite plugins, but I don't see that mentioned in MariaDB
> documentation. Any other suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Erik
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